Shortwave Research Group


УВБ-76 (2016): Low rumbles, snatches of distant sound. Overwhelming bass pressure and cut-up beats. УВБ-76 is an ode to snow-covered, abandoned listening stations and towering, rejected monoliths of the military and state infrastructure. Named after a well-known number station, also known as "The Buzzer", the record twists and turns its way through ambient minimalism, punishing sub-bass and futurist industrial beats. Conceived as a conceptual whole, a soundtrack to these structures for which there is no official explanation and their transmissions for which few people know the true purpose, the journey of УВБ-76 is evocative, cinematic and mysterious.



Based in Central Europe, Shortwave Research Group experiments with applying the heft of physical structures to sound waves, weaving together influences ranging from minimalism, drone and cinematic scores to heavy drum and bass music. The result is music designed to be experienced on the biggest, most powerful club systems but that explicitly deconstructs, subverts and reconfigures the language of the sounds typically delivered to club-going audiences. It is music for those wishing not to dance, but to become enveloped in and overwhelmed by the texture and contour of the sound itself.