Shortwave Research Group

Heavy bass. Dystopian texture. Ambient dub paranoia.

The elusive Shortwave Research Group crafts monochrome audio monuments, brutalist soundscapes and textured music for the nocturnal hours. Disassociated and claustrophobic: headphone music for the night wanderers, and sensory overwhelm for the sound system listeners. Releasing music since 2015 on their own Social Proof label, the producer behind the project explains:

“I’m fascinated by the physicality of sound; that feeling when the sub-bass hits you. It’s a way of escape, a way of removing external influences, signal jamming for the mind. I make music for people who want to get lost in themselves.”

A series of LPs has incrementally developed the Shortwave Research Group sound, pulling in influences from across the genre spectrum: ambient, drone, hip-hop, modern classical. 2020 saw the release of their latest full-length, Fabryka, and since then a string of regular singles have appeared, alongside an increasing involvement in the visual art world.